The interesting thing about 'profit' is how simple it can sometimes be to make a buck, but how few people truly grasp that they are the determining factor in seeing to it that the buck actually gets to the bottom line.

Another interesting point is that people spend money! This can be both a huge problem and an astonishing opportunity wrapped in the same package. The more people you have, the more money you're going to see spent. In a lot of businesses, the employees do (or govern) the preponderance of the spending. In other situations, the employees do (or govern) the preponderance of revenue generation. In both situations, it follows that a great deal of the opportunity to achieve and sustain profitability resides with the employees.

The Bel├ęt Group understands this brainteaser extremely well and treats it as such. On the one hand, we work to call out the 'Monopoly Money Syndrome' (the notion that the money I spend is not real money) and on the other, we work to engage each employee to embrace the concept of 'rich value delivered for profitable value received'. In the midst of enlisting involvement in this process, something dramatic happens…a culture shift occurs creating an open, fun, team-spirited, participatory environment (often in the midst of crises) where all can play in answering the riddle, solving the problems and making things happen…all of which move the enterprise in the direction of achieving new and sustainable profits.

We work with the employees to create tools to measure, monitor and reward all for their judicious use of the company's precious assets and the proper transfer of these assets for profitable value received. We make it fun, rewarding and something for all to be proud of. Our approach to profits is much more than arithmetic…we personalize it and work to instill in all that profits are the result of good work thoughtfully executed.

Achieving corporate profitability is more than an event…it's a process worthy of doing repetitively. We strive to instill in each employee that today's profits make tomorrow's possibilities plausible.

~ In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. - Albert Einstein ~