Disputes often arise among parties to a restructuring or due to implications of insolvency, which sometimes result in litigation.

Members of The Belét Group are at times called upon to provide Expert Testimony on highly specialized aspects of insolvency such as lender liability, causation and related issues.

Jac Belét is a Certified Turnaround Professional1 and, as such, has been qualified as an Expert Witness in various matters. One such multi-million dollar case resulted in a rare 81 page published opinion2 wherein Jac's research, analysis, report, presentation, expert opinion and testimony overwhelmingly convinced the court of the proximate cause of the failure of the debtor company resulting in a finding for the defendant (auditors) with prejudice absolving them of any and all liability.

(search "Belét" within the report - 15 citations - note esp. citations #12 thru #15)

1 http://www.turnaround.org/Certification/About/default.aspx

2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_opinion Not every case decided by a higher court results in the publication of an opinion; in fact most cases do not, since an opinion is usually only published when the law is being interpreted in a novel way, or the case is a high-profile matter of general public interest and the court wishes to make the details of its ruling public.

~ Making the Case ~

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