Plugging losses does not constitute a turnaround! History points to company after company that worked feverishly to wring-out costs to barely get to positive cash flow, then fell back into a 2nd or 3rd restructuring attempt, only to have been liquidated in the end.

A true turnaround demands a return to growth, a new life and resurgent vitality. In order for any company (healthy or not) to sustain its buoyancy, it must be the leader at something. Cutting costs and reducing prices is fine, so long as doing so is truly sustainable. Wal-Mart does not win by being the low-price leader alone…they win (for one) by being the leader in buying power, thus making their pricing strategies viable. Apple worries little about pricing…they win by developing wind-changing technologies for applications in ways we have never thought of…think music, think telephone, think TV, think internet, think "where's my daughter right now? "

In a world where "strength rules", how on earth does a wounded company struggling to survive for just one more day ever develop the "power to recover"? The key is in leadership!…Meaning: What is it that truly sets your company apart from all the rest? How should it lead in the market place? What is its cutting edge?

The Belét Group's core competency is in getting to the bottom of these puzzles. We do this by rallying the troops; re-energizing the entrepreneurial spirit; rekindling the discovery process; redefining what the enterprise does best; challenging the status quo; pushing the bullies out of the way; igniting the possibilities; questioning where the world was, where it is now and where it will be tomorrow and matching how the enterprise will fit in to this ever-evolving world.

Companies tend to get in their own way from time-to-time. They lose their focus and lose their sense of what they truly bring to the market. They become complacent and settle-in. They align themselves too closely with their products and forget that their real 'value added' is in providing solutions to their customers' needs…and the current product is merely the vehicle for delivering that solution to what were actually yesterday's problems. The smart money is in developing trailblazing solutions to tomorrow's needs while delivering products that solve today's needs (the latter of which the customer is truly just beginning to discover).

The real trick to growth is to 'leapfrog' what's going on today and move to a whole new level…Go where others (including the customer) haven't thought of going…where they can't…where they won't…where they least expect. Go where the customers' real problems and opportunities will be tomorrow…

Wayne Gretzky put it best:                                                                                               
~ "A good hockey player plays where the puck is.                              
                               A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be! ~